Today I attended the Retaining Global talent conference; organized by the Graduate STudent Association (GSA) and Haskayne School for Business.

The morning sessions were talks about immigration opportunities, work opportunities, how to start your own business. The evening session was a networking session where each table had one employers. Students go around the table and sit with employer to network, ask questions about work opportunities, what qualities the companies are looking for, etc..

Key messages from both sessions:
1) Work for yourself…
2) Don’t rely on only one source of income
3) If you have passion towards your job, you will work harder, get promoted faster, make more money.
4) If you don’t have this passion, change your career and do something you love.
5) If you are international student, do a lot of volunteering. It will help your transition to the community.
6) Every graduate student should take at least one financial course
7) Racism may exist but don’t isolating yourself and involve yourself in the community.
8) It was interesting also to know that Alberta had more jobs offered last year than the entire USA


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