1) It is not enough to have a leader with good intentions, he should be smart enough to not be fooled by the people around him who may make him see the right as wrong and vice verse…

2) Incomplete justice is always perceived as no justice

3) Ignoring problems doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or people will forget them by time as we said earlier u can ignore the truth but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring it

4) You shouldn’t set back and celebrate victory until it really becomes a victory. “A lesson from Ghazot Ohad”

5) You should have the courage to apologize and provide clear explanation to your people when u make mistakes, and u should know that people are smart enough to differentiate between mistakes happened because of bad intentions and mistakes happened because of bad judgment.

6) If you are not reading history and you are not learning from it, don’t blame anyone except yourself.. P.S reading history isn’t reading notes or FB status that summarize it to indirectly guide u to take a certain action. Reading history means reading textbooks from reliable sources.

7) If you want to make a real change that lasts long enough, you shouldn’t rush it. 180 degree changes are worse than no changes at all “A lesson from 1952 revolution”

8) It is good to be a fighter but you should know that you can’t fight in all battles at the same time.. Pick your battles “A lesson of Yamin war and 1967 war”

9) If your plans didn’t work and u feel helpless, you should know that God is telling u that u r so weak and u couldn’t have done anything without His ultimate power and support. As humans we always forget and bad events happen to remind us of this fact

10) Very important: there is no absolute right or absolute wrong. Stop blaming each over and crying over the thrown milk. What happened was happened. Now, think about the future ” A lesson from the conflict between Seydna Al-Hussein and Seydna Mawaya”

Dina Said
Sept. 10, 2011

About Dina Said

دينا سعيد حاصلة على الدكتوراة من قسم علوم الحاسب، بجامعة كالجارى في كندا، كما أنها أحدى مؤلفي كتاب "من أوروبا البلد" . دينا لديها شهادات كندية معتمدة في تقديم المساعدة الأولية للأمراض النفسية والتعامل مع حالات الانتحار ومساعدة المجتمع بالاضافة إلى أنها حاصلة على عدة جوائز تقديرا لدورها في المجال التطوعي بكندا

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